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Brand Consultant India

It is famously said "Brand value is very much like an onion. It has layers and a core. The core is the user who will stick with you until the very end." The definition of a brand is simple. A Brand is the idea of a specific product/service that a consumer can connect by recollection of the company's name, logo, slogan, or design. Branding happens when that particular idea is effectively marketed in order to make it recognizable to more and more audiences which sets it apart from the competitors providing the similar products/services.

Companies focus on branding not only to create brand awareness, but also for reputation building. This is where Brand Consultants step in. Here arises the need of Brand Consulting Services with established credentials in strategy, design and communications, which could identify the true value of the brand and its core essence. Here we are talking about the brand consultants that helps clients in defining and articulating the brand's promise and develop various expressions to bring alive the brand with a fresh perspective. We need brand consultants working on specific areas like brand architecture, visual identity, internalizing brand values, environmental design and robust brand manuals. One such team of domain experts all Brandtrotter, a team of seasoned, dedicated and highly qualified brand Consultants with diverse experiences in lifestyle, luxury retail, FMCG and healthcare sectors Honored by CII and ITPO.They are member of global advisory council, World Brand Congress.

Therefore we see that branding is an important part of Internet commerce, helping companies build their reputations expand beyond the original product and service, and add to the revenue generated by the original brand. For us brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation.
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